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We're working on adding more video clips to the website, including scenes from Bring On the Birds, so bookmark us and come back soon.

     Thanks for visiting!
     Bert Kersey
Stay Tuned...

We're working on adding more video clips to the website, including scenes from Bring On the Birds, so bookmark us and come back soon.

     Thanks for visiting!
     Bert Kersey

About the Photographer

Photo: Bert Kersey Years ago some good friends introduced me to the sport of birdwatching, and like any beginner I had difficulty learning which bird was which. It seemed as soon as I located a new bird in my binoculars, he would flit into oblivion, leaving me clueless as to what I had just seen.
     That's when I first had the idea of a regional bird video — with subtitles, of course — that would help people learn to identify their local birds. Bring On the Birds came to be exactly five years later.

So I bought a brand new digital camera and started shooting birds. I took pictures and shot video of almost every bird I saw, everywhere I went — I had no idea there were that many species! That's when birding really grabbed me and I couldn't get enough of it. Still can't.
     For me, the big benefit of bird photography — besides keeping my life list honest — is that I can, in effect, "capture" and bring home the birds that I see, and study them for details and ID clues.
     Interestingly, John James Audubon practiced a similar bird study technique 200 years ago, utilizing a shotgun in place of a digital camera.

Birding is all kinds of fun for all kinds of people, and I certainly had a lot of fun creating both of my videos. Birds are everywhere, so grab your binoculars, and let's have some fun!

Photo: Red-shouldered Hawk Upcoming Shows, San Diego County
Oct 20Mira Costa Hort. Club Barn Owls
Oct 23SD Master GardenersBarn Owls
Oct 24Exploring North CountyBirds of Calif.
Oct 30Fallbrook Garden ClubBarn Owls
Nov 14Ramona Garden ClubBirds of Calif.
Nov 28  San Dieguito Garden Club  Barn Owls
Dec 2Elfin Forest ReserveBarn Owls
Jan 17Bernardo GardenersBirds of Calif.
Feb 5Oasis, EscondidoBarn Owls
Apr 12Lake San Marcos G.ClubBirds of Calif.
Apr 24San Dieguito Garden ClubBirds of Calif.

About the Videos

Backyard Barn Owls

Our first encounter with Barn Owls was umpteen years ago when we installed an Photo: Young Barn Owlsowl nesting box in our yard to help with an ongoing gopher problem. As luck would have it, a pair of Barn Owls moved in right away to start a family. I enjoyed the little owlets' antics so much, I decided to start recording them on video.
   The footage of Backyard Barn Owls spans a two-year period, and it looks like the same pair of parents was involved both years. Their owlets all matured and relocated to who-knows-where, and hopefully someone (like you) welcomed them with a nice new owl box!

Bring On the Birds

After comfortably filming Barn Owls out of my living room window for two years, I Photo: White-crowned Sparrowdecided to try something new.
I was truly amazed at how many species of birds visited our back yard (82 at last count), so I started aiming my "owl cam" at hummingbirds, songbirds, and the like. Before I knew it I was hooked — I think that's when I turned into one of those birdaholics that you've probably heard about.
     Pretty soon my wife Sharon and I were chasing birds all over the country in our trusty motorhome (which doubles nicely as a trusty bird blind). Five years and many hundreds of birds later, Bring On the Birds is finally hatched and ready to take flight. I hope you enjoy the show!

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